Monday, January 28, 2013

The India Chronicles: First Stop (and many stop overs whilst in India): New Delhi

Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to travel and volunteer for a month in India (thanks Vicki!) and I will say right off the bat, it is an experience I will never forget. I can tell you that I experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows that I have ever experienced in the span of one month (more on that later), but through it all, I gained a slightly new perspective. My mind was opened a little further to the realities and even the greatest beauties that our world has to offer. Here is a little glimpse (with many more glimpses) into what some of that beauty entails:

The Beginning
 What greeted us at the New Delhi Indira Gandhi airport after a loooong flight from Madrid.

 Lotus Temple
We were able to visit this place thanks to Sylvia (in all honesty, I wouldn't have known about it otherwise). A Bahai house of worship that is most known (at least by tourists) for its architectural beauty. It has 27 free-standing petals and the most impressive part (for me at least) was that once inside the temple, a cool breeze flows through while keeping the hot (and I mean HOT) air out. It's absolutely impressive.

The following photos are of the Gandhi Museum and also the site of where he resided right before he was murdered.

These photos are of the contemporary art/mixed media section of the museum that pays tribute to Gandhi and his message of peace.

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