Thursday, September 27, 2012


In the past few months, I've come to intimately know the term "hiatus"- mainly because I've been on a very long, long break from posting but also because I've had a nice month and a half break from globetrotting and now (thank gawd) I'm back to savoring the sweet taste of living in a foreign country, but more on that later...

Now that I've pressed pause on my European adventures, I feel an (slightly alarming) obsessive longing for that country which I once called home and even more unsettling is that even though I've only just set foot on the Asian continent, I'm already consumed with thoughts of returning back to Europe. It has nothing to do with Asia sucking (because it totalllllyy ROCKS) but ALL to do with how terribly I miss all of the wonderful and extremely economical traveling I was able to do. But as much as I'd like to go back sometime in the near future, I'm loving S. Korea too much to really haul my ass half way across the world. So for now, I will scratch that damn wanderlusting itch through photographed memories.

Obviously the life and death of me:

Um YES I'll take a jar of beer for 1EUR thankyouVERYmuch

Aaand when all goes hazy the moment your lips touch this beautiful grape concoction they call wine

Una Falla - Valencia, Spain
Absolutely STUNNING papier mâché structures constructed for one of Spain' largest festivals, Las Fallas.  No idea what that translates to, BUT I do know they spend millions of dollars creating these colossal works of art and burning all of them but the best down to the ground. Kind of a tragic waste but thrilling none the less. The Spanish seem to gravitate toward pyromanic activities...which leads us to this next photo:

Although no fire is present in this shot, I took this during the labor strikes in Spain. I was vacationing in Barcelona with my parents and unfortunately they were scared out of their minds; never having experienced people marching and lighting things on fire and throwing rocks and burning debris into open stores who "should have been striking instead"... it IS a labor strike after all. Extremely exciting for someone like me who accidentally burned her hair off when she was 5 and who burned her neighbor's trashcan down at age 10 and who recently unknowingly singed her eyebrows. Needless to say I seem to have a fondness for fire, or rather it seems to have a fondness for ME 

 Delicious eats at an open air market in Barcelona

the Erechtheion - Athens, Greece 
The one structure in Europe that truly took my breath away. Being a bit of an Ancient Greece/Rome junkie, seeing this in the flesh truly had me lookin like a deer in the headlights. The inner nerd in me thinks its way cool to see with my own two eyes what I've read about and seen in photos a countless number of times.

 The sprawling city of Athens with the magnificent ancient Acropolis rising above it all

 Just ______________.

 Burano - Venice, Italy



 the Alhambra - Granada, Spain

 the Colosseum - Rome, Italy

 catch me if you can!

 and to end with an exquisite hallucination. change is daunting. change is fresh. embrace to move forward across the universe.


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