Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Okay, enough neglecting and more blog lovin'. I admit, having to study for exams ages me greatly and my over-caffeinated dark circle eyes are something that shouldn't ever be allowed in public. Trust me, I do it for the good of the world. Throw in a good old moving day and voila, you have a vision of a nightmare in human form before your eyes, perfectly packaged and aptly named: Hannah. Luckily, my new and fabulous neighborhood here in Madrid gives me a plethora of reasons to cake on the makeup and show my face to the real world. I mean, come on... what would life be without happiness? And by happiness, yes, I mean FOOD. You know me, I just love a good thing in my mouth ;)

Anyway, the barrio of Chueca in Madrid has many, many dining and of course wining* options- heavy emphasis on the wining. Luckily, you can do both at Diurno, a take away cafe that has... wait for it... food ALL DAY LONG; unlike the rest of the Spanish restaurants that don't open their kitchens until 10 o'clock at night. And who can resist a place that offers pasta or rice + a specialty bocadillo + drink + dessert all for the seductive price of 8.90 EUR?!?! The whip cream and cherry on top is that the ambiance is amaaaaazing with a super American-friendly owner who offers free "wee-fi" (as he pronounces it) for American students and deals on drinks. 5 EUR cocktails? Count me in... all day errday. We were lucky enough to receive a strawberry mojito on the house... I think I just died and went to heaven. Looks like living in Chueca is going to do my figure any good... joooooderrrr!

 The glorious wall of "fridge food". If you order the "menu", you are limited to just the pasta and rices but if you decide not to be fatass and order just one thing to eat, I higggghly recommend a wrap or a bocadillo recien hecho (which you can order at the cash register). Next time, I want to try one aka all of their dips which include: hummus, guac, and grilled eggplant!

 My friend ordered the "menu" and she got the Luigi pasta (as shown here) with sun-dried tomatoes, black olives and arugula, topped with goat and feta cheese and balsamic. I can't remember the name of her bocadillo recien hecho, not to mention she had inhaled it before I sat down with my food ;) It must've been DEEELICOUS.

I decided to choose something different and got the Pasta Verde; a simple pesto pasta topped with walnuts and mozzarella. A little bit oily, but what's life without a little oil?

 My FAVORITE part of my meal, the Bocadillo Sueco. A Spanish style baguette with smoked salmon, queso fresco, spinach, and sweet mustard. And I love that they didn't skimp on the smoked salmon. YUM!

With its very industrial-chic look and its prime location, you would expect Diurno to be over-priced and not worth your time or money but with extremely affordable prices, drinks included, it's a place in Madrid that I might have to call my second home. The "menu" is well worth the 8.90 EUR. At first, I thought it was too good to be true. Really?? Filling pasta/rice + decent sized bocadillo + drink (non-alcoholic) + dessert?!?! Impossible! But you better believe it because I can testify myself that it is true fact because yes, I shoveled ALL of that down my throat and I liked it! And if eating or drinking is not really your thing, then you can choose from a large selection of DVDs to rent. Random? Very. But I ain't complainin'. And trust me, even if you hate food (which I personally think is humanely impossible), Diurno will treat your taste buds well. It's simple yet delicious and you can't help but skip all the way home because your wallet will still feel full of them euros.

C/ San Marcos, 37
Madrid, 28004
Barrio: Chueca
+34 91 522 00 09

*wining [wi-ning]
1. the act of drinking and drinking...and drinking some more; can be wine but other spirits are definitely welcome.

Probably a real word, but I've decided to coin it as so. It's funner that way, dontcha think?

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