Friday, January 13, 2012

Terra Mundi

During my week of restaurant indulgence, my friend and I had planned on eating at a cute little restaurant in her neighborhood. For whatever reason, it was closed without notice... typical; the Spanish are never predictable. So we made a new game plan and decided to head down the street over to Terra  Mundi. I had seen it packed like a can of sardines a couple weeks back so I was excited to try the food.

We walked in and there were several other diners, but it wasn't as full of people as last time. Probably because having dinner at 10pm is "too early" in this country. Anywho, we sat down, ordered water, ordered food, yaddah yaddah- the usual exciting restaurant routine.

Terra Mundi attempts to recreate old traditional Galicia cuisine. According to their introduction video, they "recuperate their ancestor's recipes"

The decor of the restaurant was very "rustic chic"; as oxymoronic as that sounds. Come to think of it, most of the diners were classy peeps popping bottles of wine and paying with 100 EUR bills like they wipe their culos with it...

Uhhh... yeah, they most definitely served AND charged us for plastic bottles of water that can be found at the chino stores for 30 cents... My friend and I couldn't help but burst out laughing at how ridiculous the situation was and on top of that we just assumed they would bring us a larger glass bottle of water so we only ordered one. How the hell is that tiny bottle going to be enough for the both of us?? You would think the waitress would have enough common sense to ask "Are you sure you just want ONE minuscule bottle for the TWO of you?" But I guess they follow a no questions asked kind of policy or something, who knows? Being confused in this country is like sun in California - it's a permanent state.

My brave friend ordered the Pulpo a la Gallega aka "fair style octopus"- a very traditional Galician dish of boiled octopus which according to my trustworthy friend, Wiki, the tentacles are dipped in and out of the boiling water first while the head is held out of the water in order to "curl" the tentacles. Once cooked al dente like Italian pasta, it is chopped up, sprinkled with sea salt and paprika, drizzled with olive oil, and served with boiled potatoes on a wooden platter. I know that it's not easy on the eyes, but I actually enjoyed it very much. It didn't have a fishy taste or a rubbery texture which I normally associate with octopus. But it was moist, tender and seasoned to perfection. Be brave and stick some tentacly goodness in your mouth. 
*Interesting fact: If you know anything about how they name their shops in almost any Spanish speaking country, you know that they just add "ria" to the end of some word and voila! it's a store! Demonstration: peluqueria- hair salon (pelo = hair) or sidreria- sidra/cider shop or even cerverceria- bar that has beer and you get the picture. Well, apparently in Galicia, they have your bonafide "pulperias"aka octopus restaurants. Yes, es la verdad, restaurants for the sole purpose of serving you octopus in all its curly glory.

Merluza fresca del pincho a la gallega I chose the safer route and ordered hake which is just a type of codfish. Again, the paprika, salt, and olive oil seasoning with boiled potatoes. I didn't think this was as good as the pulpo only because the fish was bland. I would have thought that a fish with a face like that would have a little sumthin sumthin to its flavor, Again, very moist and tender which was good and a very healthy meal. PAT ON THE BACK for someone who has addiction problems with anything fried. 

We had one semi-nice waitress, and one B-I-T... I won't finish that one. The average price per dish was over 10 EUR but under 15 EUR so it's not too bad for a semi-fine dining experience. Overall, the experience at Terra Mundi wasn't bad but it wasn't anything to write home about. Maybe if the gods throw some extra euros in my lap, I'll check it out again and try something else that might blow my mind away.

Terra Mundi
C/ Lope de Vega, 32
Madrid, 28014
Barrio: Cortes
+34 91 429 52 80
+34 91 429 63 80

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