Friday, January 6, 2012

Naif - Sandwich(es) & Bar

So I haven't updated in awhile due to this terrible disease called writer's block. I'M NOT EVEN A WRITER.. wtf. I blame it on the 2+ weeks of winter vacation slash 4+ months of my extended "educational" vacation here in Spain. So, I'm turning to my best friend and simultaneously my worst enemy - food. Since I can't ever stop stuffing my face, I figured I wouldn't run out of things to talk about when it came to food, you can thank my inner fat kid.

Surprisingly, I haven't been eating out at a lot of places here in Madrid thanks to the euro being stronger than the dollar, my already starving college student's culo is starving even more. Okay, I kinda lied, I don't think starving is an option in my book BUT you know what I mean - my wallet seems a lot lighter these days. But if you know me at all, it's really hard to resist my urges when it comes to food and this week, my lazy bum has been craving some good old restaurant food where the only finger-lifting I'm doing is when I'm picking up my spoon to shovel food down my throat. And let me tell you, the food at Naif, a newly opened sandwich shop and bar in Malasaña was well worth all that work that my finger had to do because it was finger lickin' delicious.

Menu written on the wall

Cute placemats
First order of business - vino tinto of course! Well, being American, we popped into the restaurant way before the kitchen opened aka 7:30pm (yeah, I know, soooo ridiculously early for dinner. What was I thinking??) so I gladly obliged when our waitress suggested ordering a drink while waiting.
With the weather being so chilly, the soup of the day called out my name. Upon asking the waitress what today's soup is, she ran to the kitchen to ask and came back with "the chefs told me vegetable soup...I'm not sure what that means". Erm.. okay.. luckily I still wanted a bowl of something warm and without expecting much, I patiently waited and what was placed in front of me was this glorious blended vegetable soup garnished with croutons and sesame seeds. Everything you could ever want from a soup and MORE.

My friend and I both ordered the "rolls" - she the curried chicken and I the mixed veggies with brie thinking it would be something like a wrap, but no... it was literally a roll like a sandwichized sushi roll. Uncertain of how to eat such a thing, we both proceeded to barbarically eat with our hands *gasp* instead of using the fork and knife they provided us. But, personally, I think it made it taste even better; something about going back to our primal ways of life is just so appealing. Anywho, about the roll, it was DELICIOUS. So simple and light paired with the creamy melted brie, when I finished I felt full yet not heavy. And the juxtaposition of the soft filling of the roll with the toasted bread satisfied my incorrigible penchant for textures.

La cuenta, por favor.

Industrial, intimate, hip, and comforting all at once. It's like a personality disorder was constructed into an edifice and named Naif. 

The ambience alone sold me when I walked in. I mean, if the food sucked, I can always just sit and have a glass of wine or a caña. But I'm so so glad that the food turned out to be delicious. With nothing over 10 EUR, it's affordable and has great service. It's definitely a place that I will be frequenting quite frequently while living here in Madrid. They have a variety of sandwiches and even burgers that I can't wait to try!

Plaza de San Ildefenso, 1
Madrid, 28004
Barrio: Malasaña


  1. Really nice pics. I have been to Naif and I love that place. Being a Madrid blogger myself I think you have a great blog!

    1. Thanks chica! I just checked out your blog and i LOVE it!!!

  2. Is this a place to hang out and do work on my laptop.. or is it kind of just an eat a go type of place. Do they have free wifi here?

    1. Personally, I've only been inside during dinnertime. But they do have free wifi and the multiple times I've walked by it during the day, it seems like a nice spot to be able to hang out and do some work or read. Especially since if you get hungry, you can always order some yumminess.

  3. Love this place... This review inspired me to go. I will be going back again and again!