Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Mirrors to My Soul

Parque Oeste; Madrid, Spain

Tipos Infames; San Joaquin 3, Madrid

Westin Palace Hotel; Madrid, Spain

My first gypsy sighting!

Medusa's got nothing on me!
Taken by  Christian Guzman

The key to life.


Intelligence is sexy


Very close contender to my beloved Pinkberry. Shocking, I know.

Fête des Lumières; Lyon, France

Hmm.. Whatever keeps you dry I guess...

Taken by Anthony Armenta

Taken by Anthony Armenta

Knock if you dare.

The Pantheon; Paris, France

La Tour Eiffel; Paris, France

The Arc de Triomphe; Paris, France

Chinatown; Paris, France

The Moulin Rouge; Paris, France

fire + spice makes everything nice

Apple "jusing" along the Seine with the Notre Dame chilling in the background. NBD

 Catacombe Space Invader!

Parisian vintage

 Jardin du Luxembourg; Paris, France

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