Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Everyone knows that when you go to Amsterdam, you're going to have a good time (wink*wink*). It's one of the most liberal places when it comes to mood/mind altering substances. But, what many people don't know is how beautiful the city itself is. Aside from the eery red glow emanating from the window displays of prostitutes and the pungent smell of marijuana wafting through the air, the city of Amsterdam is very quaint. And although my body felt like a frozen popsicle the whole time, I can't deny the fact that Amsterdam's breath-taking canals, picturesque buildings, and extremely kind people melted my heart. 

Globalization at its finest. Subway. Burger King. McDonald's.

 Christmastime at the Schiphol Airport 

The famous Amsterdam canals. 

 The famous I amsterdam sign.

 The famous Dutch tulips.

 The famous Dutch flower market.

 Oh Amsterdam....

 The famous Dutch cheese... do you see a trend here? I am proud to say that I engaged myself in cultural activities while in Amsterdam :)

 Balsamic Mustard... tastes soooo good! Who woulda thunk?

 Yeah.. that's not a common sight now is it?

My new Dutch clogs! 

 Erm, I probably gained a good 10 pounds while in Amsterdam all thanks to this delicious meaty cheesy thing called a kapsalon. Oy veyyy. Apparently it's a typical dish from Holland, although oddly enough it is only sold at Turkish food joints. It's basically a carne asada fries lover's dream. Chock full of MEAT, fries, CHEESE, veggies and crack-cocaine-garlic sauce, it's a party in yo mouth!

 Street break-dancers.

 Beautiful sunset.

 Lucky for us, on Sunday, the public transportation system decided to go on a strike. Pain in the ass for tourists like us who have no car and have to suffer in below freezing temperatures; but I'm glad people stand up for their rights. FIGHT ON!

 Of course Amsterdam's symbol would be XXX.

 Trying not to fall into the canal. I value my life and getting hypothermia is not really my thing.

 For every size and shape... literally.

 Amazing Dutch ice cream at Van der Linde. They only have one flavor, but that's all you need. Plain and simple vanilla that's so rich and light at the same time that it almost tastes like buttery homemade whipped cream slightly frozen. Oh soooooo good.

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