Saturday, October 15, 2011

Change is Good

Why is it always so SO true what they say about you inheriting traits that you detest in your parents? I loathed the fact that my dad couldn't stay put in one place for too long; I still break out in cold sweat when I see a cardboard moving box, or a Penske moving truck. But now, look at me - halfway across the world in Spain sitting in my room itching for some change. So what do I do to curb my incorrigible craving? Create a new effing blog. Yeah, exciting stuff, eh? Anyway, a friend has told me that at times I act like a libra (horoscope stuff for those of you who are completely lost) because I can't make up my GD mind and so here we are now, back to square one; back to the blogging platform I used when I first started blogging. I guess it's also true what they say - you always want what you can't have. Oy vey. Anyway, love me, love my blog, and love my ever changing mind... please.

And a photo to bribe you to love me:

Sad little girl whose friends don't love her. Don't let this be me. And yes, I was a creepy stalker and took this photo with 14x zoom.... I'm not helping my case am I? -.-

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